Tabunkick   Tabunkick Ko Region Pokémon Trevenge   Trevenge   

Trhoul are said to be the spirits of trees that came to abrupt and horrible deaths. The markings under their eyes make them look like they are always crying, eternally mourning for the mighty tree they once were.

They can only be caught at night.

#039 Trhoul
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Mourning Tree Spirit Pokémon
Type Ghost / Grass
Abilities Levitate or Cursed Body
Height 2'11"
Weight 0 lbs.
Gender Ratio

No Gender

Designed By Kovolta
Other Art
  • Kovolta's original design
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise They are the spirits of trees that have come to brutal ends. Once a year they visit the spot where the once stood just to remember when they were reaching to the sky.
Sunset The spirits of long dead trees, they are eternally mourning the majestic trees they once were.
Moonrise It is said that a Trhoul's anger and sadness can be subsided by a kind trainer. This lasts through its normally angry evolutions.
Locations Description
Cocoa Lava Forest (Only at night)
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
Its name is a combination of "Tree" and "Ghoul".

   Tabunkick   Tabunkick Ko Region Pokémon Trevenge   Trevenge   

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