Zarunsus   Zarunsus Ko Region Pokémon Rockid   Rockid   

The spoiler like crests help not only with speed but vocalizations. Its outward facing toes and sprawled gait help it run on water. The males forage and are most active during the day, and guard the nest at night. They even stick leaves on their spines to add to their darker camouflage. The males frill is normally retracted unless fighting or warding off intruders. The females frill is quite larger than the males, and has spines on it. She guards the nest during the day, and forages at night. The females generally have higher defence stats, and the males generally have higher speed stats.

Other gender differences: females have larger frill, males back frill is broken into several parts while the females is continuous, female is brighter/male is darker, female has additional frills on the lower arms and thigh, male has spines on upper arms and calf.

#100 Tophalisk
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Chasing Lizard Pokémon
Type Normal / Water
Abilities Swift Swim or Surprise
Height 2'6"
Weight 30 lbs
Gender Ratio
Designed By Cobalt
Other Art
  • Tophalisk original design
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Tophalisk aggressively guard their nests. If they sense they can't win, they quickly retreat across water. The males spines make it seem faster than it actually is, though it is faster than its female counterpart.
Sunset Tophalisk aggressively guard their nests with displays of their large frill. If they sense they can't win, they quickly retreat across water. The females frill is almost always deployed unless it feels itself and its eggs are absolutely safe.
Locations Description
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
Based on car spoilers, basilisks, ostriches, blue crested lizards, blue collard lizards, and horned toads.

   Zarunsus   Zarunsus Ko Region Pokémon Rockid   Rockid   

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