Sunrise is Sunset's twin brother. Together they live on Solarus Farm with their parents.

They help their parents with all the hard work on the farm, but their dream has always been to be Pokémon trainers.

They recently turned 16 years old and are headed to Kona Port to receive their starter Pokémon from Professor Crippsii Golden.

Image Level Ability Moves Item
Newteaf 5 Overgrow Tail Whip


Age 16
Gender Male
Eye Colour Aqua
Hair Colour Brown
Hometown Solarus Farm
Region Ko
Relatives Sunset
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer
Designed By Ninjin-Man
Other Art
  • Ninjin-Man's original design
  • Ninjin-Man's second design
  • Sunrise by Ninjin-Man
  • A sprite of Sunrise By Grimoire
  • Sunrise and Sunset as children by LexyVernice
  • Overworld Sprites along with Sunset By LexyVernice
  • An unfinished drawing of Sunrise By Karitenokoinugami
  • A sprite of Sunrise by Karitenokoinugami

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