Sun Island

"Official" Art by Kovolta

Made up of two long since dormant volcanoes and the large valley between them, Sun Island is the tourist capitol of the Ko Region. Many resorts line its calm southwestern shores, and the Island's many views are breathtaking!

Sun Island is also said to once be home to an ancient civilization that worshipped the Sunrise and Sunset Pokemon. Ruins can be found around the island and many artifacts are housed in the island's museum.

Some of Sun Island is off limits to tourists, due to recent earthquake damage.

Cities and Towns

Adjacent Islands
Spore Island Sun Island Coffee Island
Spirit Island, Noman's Island
Other Art
  • An areal view of Sun Island from the west by Ninjin-Man

The Ko Islands

Coffee Island * Sun Island * Spirit Island * Spore Island * Metro Island * Nature Island * Champion Island * Noman's Island

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