Quattuor Contest 1 Entries Kolabee   

Dex Entry: Sketle are very social and often seen at joyous events interacting with people. The large pores on their palm release a variety of colors, which sketle use to paint. If Sketle is exposed to sadness the colors become grayscale and the Sketle itself will become weak.
Original Art by misa-acar
Species Rainbow Rodent Pokémon
Type Psychic / Normal
Abilities Synchronize
Height 0.5 m
Weight 7 lbs.
Gender Ratio

No Gender

Designed By misa-acar
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Design Notes
Entry Info
Entry Notes "My entry to ninjin-man's contest. I really think this community s very happy and colorful :3. Yeah its tail is like a cloud, it was a cute idea at the time." by -misa-acar at Bulbagarden Oekaki.
Placing Participant

   Quattuor Contest 1 Entries Kolabee   

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