Hilangor   Hilangor Ko Region Pokémon Desirose   Desirose   

#096 Roseideous
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Sweet Smelling Pokémon
Type Poison
Abilities Poison Point or Natural Cure or Leaf Guard
Height 3'11"
Weight 35 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Felazingaround
Other Art
  • Felazingaround's original design
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise The rotten looking fruit that grows as this Pokémon's hands attracts Pokémon from all around the KO region. It

lures its prey in with the rotten fruit, and then slowly kills them by injecting it with the deadly poison in this Pokémon's 'braid' like appendage.

Sunset The rotten fruit on this Pokémon's hands brings Pokemon from around the region to Roseideous. It

lures them in and uses it's braid appendage to slowly bring it down with less than a half a gallon of poison.

Locations Description
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
This Pokemon is based off of Lust, like the sin, and a succubus.

   Hilangor   Hilangor Ko Region Pokémon Desirose   Desirose   

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