Tophalisk   Tophalisk Ko Region Pokémon Caprockus   Caprockus   

Rockid dwell upon dangerous mountain cliffs where their body absorbs pieces of the surrounding rocks. Depending on the composition of the mountain, the color and texture of the rock plates on their back and legs may vary. Rockid horns and hooves are made of diamonds which have been absorbed from the mountain, and thus diamonds are very rare in places where Rockid inhabit. Their robust legs are built for jumping long distances as well as digging for vegetables.

Gender differences: Females have shorter and less curved horns (more pronounced in the evolution)

#101 Rockid
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Rock Lamb Pokémon
Type Rock
Abilities Rock Head
Height 1'10"
Weight 29 lbs
Gender Ratio
Designed By Spiffee
Other Art
  • Spiffee's original design
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Its horns and hooves are made of diamond which have been absorbed from its mountain habitat.
Sunset They dwell on dangerous mountain cliffs where they can absorbs pieces of the surrounding rocks.
Locations Description
Ko Safari Zone Found in the Cave Zone.
Evolutionary Line
High Happiness while holding a Smooth Rock
Design Notes
Based on the Bighorn Sheep.

   Tophalisk   Tophalisk Ko Region Pokémon Caprockus   Caprockus   

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