Syrin   Syrin Ko Region Pokémon Pyrin   Pyrin   

#111 Pririn
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Berry Lover Pokémon
Type Grass
Abilities Fruit Pride
Height 4' 5"
Weight 165 lbs
Gender Ratio
Designed By Pepperkookbook
Other Art
  • Pepperkookbook's original design
  • Day25Random.png Art of Sloveneat and evolutions by pepsi-cola
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise They wear berries on their heads, to show of. The Pririn who has the biggest berry is the leader.
Sunset They spend most of their days relaxing and absorbing sunlight. Berries grow on their back, but they still force Sloveneat to pick food for them.
Locations Description
Evolutionary Line
Consuming mostly sweet fruits. Consuming mostly bitter fruits. Consuming mostly spicy fruits. Consuming mostly salty fruits. Consuming mostly sour fruits.
Syrin Pririn Pyrin Marin Electrin
Design Notes

   Syrin   Syrin Ko Region Pokémon Pyrin   Pyrin   

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