Drillrowl   Drillrowl Ko Region Pokémon Porfyrops   Porfyrops   

#025 Porfyrie
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Porphyry Pokémon
Type Rock / Fire
Abilities Magma Surf or Flash Fire
Height 2'2"
Weight 44 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Chiyuki_Akasuna
Other Art
  • Chiyuki_Akasuna's original design
  • Murkury's rendition of Porfyrie
  • A silhouette of Porfyrie by Karitenokoinugami
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise It hops around the rocks that float in lava. To climb walls, it inches up them using its powerful jaws and the claws on its feet.
Sunset It likes to sleep in/around lava. Because of its colouring, it is sometimes confused for lava itself.
Moonrise It can get cold even in the middle of a heat wave, so it usually dives into lava to warm itself.
Locations Description
Route 2 Found in tall grass.
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
Porfyrie is based off the igneous rock "Porphyry".

   Drillrowl   Drillrowl Ko Region Pokémon Porfyrops   Porfyrops   

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