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Napola is a Water/Dark legendary Pokemon and the Mascot of Pokemon: Sunset Version.

Along with Pukala and Lunaglace, Pukala is part of the Celestial Trio.

Pukala and Napola are locked in a constant battle over who rules the sun. Their powers are evenly matched, causing a balanced night and day cycle. However, if power from the green flash were to be harnessed and concentrated in the Deep Crystal, and given to Napola, he would gain the power to overcome Pukala and cause eternal night.

#218 Napola
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Sunset Pokémon
Type Water / Dark
Abilities Dark Ocean and Eternal Night
Height 28'0"
Weight 1,900 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Ninin-man and Kovolta
Other Art

Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Ancient civilizations worshipped Napola for its control over the nighttime, and statues of it litter the continent.
Sunset It is said to be the Pokemon that pulls the sun back into the ocean at night. It has the ability to cause eternal night.
Moonrise It can cause "floating oceans", rushing torrents of water that fly through the air. It can swim through these oceans, essentially flying.
Locations Description
Deep Temple After Team Daybreak summons Pukala at the Sun Temple to make the world have eternal night, the player and Solar must restore balance by going to the Deep Temple at the last sunset and summon Napola using the Deep Crystal.
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
It's name comes from "Ka nāpo'o 'ana o ka lā", which means "sunset" in Hawaiian.

   Pukala   32x32px Ko Region Pokémon Lunaglace   Lunaglace   

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