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Munkadi is only available in the SunSet Version.

Munkadi is the second member of the Wu Qin Xi Quintet

Base Stats:

Att 70

Def 120

SpAtk 80

SpDef 90

Spd 60

#028 Munkadi
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Dim Fighter Pokémon
Type Fighting / Fire
Abilities Analytic and Tenacity
Height 2'9"
Weight 52 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Mariah.
Other Art
  • Mariah's original design
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Munkadi are lazy nocturnal Pokémon that are usually too busy loafing around to even run away from approaching trainers.
Sunset They are too lazy to run away from a fight, but often fall asleep in the middle of one.
Moonrise Though talented, they often grow bored of fighting. Preferring instead to fall asleep and nap.
Locations Description
Route 2
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes

   Kranek   Kranek Ko Region Pokémon Moguchu   Moguchu