Munkadi   Munkadi Ko Region Pokémon Churibolt   Churibolt   

They are the Ko Region's Pika-clone.
#029 Moguchu
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Electric Mole Pokémon
Type Electric / Ground
Abilities Static or Arena Trap
Height 1' (above ground)
Weight 10 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Ninjin-Man
Other Art
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Hikers are warned to watch their step when hiking, because stepping on a Moguchu will deliver a painful shock. They live in large packs.
Sunset They live in packs, creating large generators deep within the earth. They travel to the surface to forage for food.
Moonrise Considered to be a distant cousin of Kanto's Pikachu. They are particularly popular with school-aged children.
Locations Description
Route 2 Live in tunnels they dig in the ground.
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes

   Munkadi   Munkadi Ko Region Pokémon Churibolt   Churibolt   

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