The largest city on the island, Latte City is situated on a beautiful northern beach. While normally peaceful, a mysterious group has been causing a lot of ruckus in the town square - agitating the local police.

Latte City is the main access to Route 5.

Latte City
Island Coffee Island
Latte CityLoc
Connecting Locations
Route 5
Latte City Route 4
Mocha Hills
Usable HM's
HM04 Soar
HM08 Ascend
HM09 Search
Other Art
Places of Interest
The Grind A coffee shop that can turn Coffee Berries into a drinkable item for Pokemon - usually upping their speed in different ways.
Bait and Tackle A store that's all about fishing. You can drop colorful water Pokemon off here in the aquarium to view them whenever you'd like. You can also purchase different kinds of bait. Bring the old fisherman a Butterbow for the aquarium and he'll award you with your first Fishing Rod. Come back later with more exotic fish and he'll give you more advanced Rods.
Venti Stadium A large, flashy coliseum. Here, Pokemon and trainers can partake in a number of fun competitions. At first, only one competition is available to you, but come back with after finding an upgraded key card to access additional competitions.
Venti Docks Rows and rows of large ships. While the Knock Out Express doesn't stop here, the Knock Out Cruise Ship does.
Travel Kisosk A small shop that sells souvenirs and gives information about the island. Here you can update the Town Map Deluxe© App on your Pokedex and get a stamp for your travel log. The man here also informs you that there is a welcome Kiosk located on every island in Ko.
People of Interest
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DaybreakGruntsByGrimoire Myrmefluff Vurrowl
TeamNightfallByLexorz Myrmefluff Vurrowl

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