Generation K (the Pokemon generation associated with the Bulbapedia Fakemon Project, specifically anything surrounding Pokemon Sunrise, Sunset and Moonrise versions) has inspired several forms of media.

The Pokemon Anime: Ko SeasonEdit

The three seasons of the Pokemon Anime that feature Ash, Pikachu, and friends and their adventures in the Ko Region.

K Season 1 - "Pokemon Sunrise & Sunset Adventures!"

K Season 2 - "Pokemon World Tournament: Ko and Beyond!"

K Season 3 - "Pokemon Sunrise & Sunset: Rising Tides"

Generation K MoviesEdit

Three movies have taken place in the K Generation, each followed by a Pikachu Project short.

Movie 1 -"Pukala and Napola: Wish Island Mystery"
Short: "Pikachu Project: Primaleaf's Jungle Race!!"

Movie 2 - "Bulnevolence and Chaos Island"
Short: "Pikachu Project: Koalua's Undersea Dance Party!!"

Movie 3 - "Lunaglace's Destruction Storm"
Short: "Pikachu Project: Geminerv, and Drillicorn's Treasure Hunt!!"

Pokemon Special: Sunrise and Sunset ChapterEdit

The continuation of the popular "Pokemon Special Manga" was six volumes long. It featured Sunrise and Sunset, vacationing twins who get caught up in a plot to save Ko after meeting twins Solar and Luna. Professor Golden also played a large role in the chapter.

Sunrise and Sunset TCG Expansion DecksEdit

Two expansion decks for the Pokemon Trading Card Game have been announced for Generation K.

The first is the Sunrise TCG Expansion and the second (not yet released) is the Sunset TCG Expansion.

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