Kiomi grew up on top of a cliff, far away from the nearest city. She lived with her mother and father, whom she loved very much. Kiomi loved to sleep out at night under the stars and watch the night sky with her father, whose pet name for her was "my little night owl." she enjoyed a happy childhood secluded from the rest of the world. However, that all ended when her father received a mysterious letter in the mail. That night, he had a terrible argument with his wife, one that lasted all night. Kiomi, barely six years old, huddled in her bed and listened as the argument raged just outside her room. At dawn, her father packed his things and stormed out the front door. Kiomi slipped out of bed and followed him. He turned towards her with a sad expression. "Can I come with you?" Kiomi asked in a small voice. Something in his face hardened, and he said sternly, "No." without another word, he turned away and walked into the sunrise. He didn't turn back.

Since then, Kiomi had recurring nightmares about her father disappearing into the sunrise, and there was no one to hold her when she cried and cried, no one to ruffle her hair and call her "little owlet." Every day that her father didn't return, her mother became more and more vacant, more and more distressed. Kiomi's young mind saw all these things, and associated the trauma of her father disappearing with the light of the rising sun. She began to hate the sight of it, and dreamed of a day when the sun wouldn't rise - that would be the day her father came home. Twelve long years later, Kiomi was shopping in the closest town when she spied a newspaper article with her father's name on it. She snatched up the newspaper and read hungrily. Her father had become an adventurer, explorer, and a professor in one of the most prestigious universities in Ko. The article said that one day, he was on a research trip not far from his old home, accompanied by his good friend; also a professor. During the trip, her father had woken before dawn and set out to explore without his friend. His friend didn't realize he had left until the light of sunrise woke him. The friend went out in search of him, and found him collapsed on the trail in the blue-gray light of the rising sun. He was dead. That was the last straw for Kiomi. The sun had killed her father somehow, she knew it in her heart. She joined team Nightfall not soon after, and rose quickly through the ranks. Her combination of reckless passion and cold calculation made her a good soldier and excellent battler, landing her a place in the notorious Triad. She chose her codename, Owl, after the nickname her father had for her.

At Vitamin Tower:

Before Battle: I'm rather impressed that you made it this far. Annoyed, but impressed. However, your free ride ends here. I WILL defeat you - there's no chance that I'll lose! I'll do it for you, father!

Last Pokemon: You'd make a good soldier, [player]! But it's no use. This last one will defeat you for sure!

After Battle: But, I, how... HOW COULD YOU?! (she then bursts into tears and runs from the room)

She wears an old-fashioned, wrought iron key around her neck that she'll fiddle with during your battle with her. Once you defeat her, she accidentally leaves the key behind, which will in turn unlock her father's office at the university.
Gender Female
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Purple
Trainer Class Nightfall Triad Member
Designed By NerdsForTheWin
Other Art
  • NerdsForTheWin's original design

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