A sheltered bay that provides some of the calmest ocean waters around the island. Because of this many kinds of water Pokémon make it their home. It is also the location of a small fishing community of the same name.
Java Bay (Area)
Island Coffee Island
Java Bay (Area)Loc
Connecting Locations
Java Bay (Town) Java Bay (Area)
Usable HM's
HM02 Traverse
HM04 Soar
HM07 Descend
HM08 Ascend
Other Art
Places of Interest
Butterbow Daycare In the shallow water of the bay, sits a little hut, resting on stilts. Here, you can drop off your Butterbow and the Butterbow Man and Woman will raise them for you. While in daycare, your Butterbow will raise in levels and learn moves based on their type relation. It's also important to note that how you train your Butterbow beforehand will affect the kinds of moves they learn here.
Butterbow Reef An underwater habitat, full of Butterbow. There are only Normal type relation Butterbow here, but maybe if you return with some new types of bait, you can attract other kinds.
People of Interest

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