Skuttlugg   Skuttlugg Ko Region Pokémon Aragema   Aragema   

Movepool: Poison Sting Scratch Bite Wing Attack Ember Leer Flame Charge Bug Bite Gastro Acid Gunk Shot Flamethrower
#188 Formicinder
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Fire Ant Pokémon
Type Bug / Fire
Abilities Magma Armor or Poison Touch
Gender Ratio
Designed By Erasetheinside
Other Art
  • Erasetheinside's Original Design
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Formicinder stores poisonous, flammable liquid in its body and sprays it an enemies.
Sunset Formicinder is an aggressive Pokemon, attacking on sight. Few Pokemon prey on it as it is poisonous.
Moonrise Formicinder are aggressive and dangerous. They can be deterred by small amounts of water.
Locations Description
Route 24
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
The combination of a portable flamethrower and an ant. Formicine ants (the basis for its name) both sting and bite.

   Skuttlugg   Skuttlugg Ko Region Pokémon Aragema   Aragema   

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