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Fengual is one of the three legendary constellation Pokemon. It is said that long ago in Ko, a Fengual could always be seen flying south through the skies to mark the end of the summer season. The people of Ko also used to believe that when a Fengual was resting, it appeared as a constellation in the southern part of the skies. This Pokemon was highly sensitive to the sky, and thus also to the seasons, so when the weather was disrupted, Fengual stopped its annual visits and its constellation disappeared from the night sky, hiding itself away at the peak of the Skyward Needle.
#202 Fengual
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species South Wind Pokémon
Type Flying
Abilities Serene Grace
Height 5'02"
Weight 123.5 lbs.
Gender Ratio

No Gender

Designed By Pepsi-Cola
Other Art
  • Pepsi-Cola's original Design
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Fengual, a legendary Pokemon, is very in tune with the sky and will hide itself away if it senses any changes.
Sunset According to legend, seeing the legendary bird Pokemon Fengual means that the summer season is ending.
Moonrise It is said that seeing the constellation of the Fengual, a legendary Pokemon, in the night sky is very good luck.
Locations Description
Skyward Needle Can be found after hiding away at the peak of Skyward Needle after the Mysterious Sky Incident.
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
It's name comes from Feng (Fenghuang is the original name of the phoenix) and a variation of "regal". When designing it, I wanted to give it a regal look so it's based on the western idea of a queen (note the crown and cape) with Chinese elements. You'd probably see an image of this Pokemon on your Ko Sriracha bottles! Based on the Chinese constellation of the Vermilion Bird.

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