The southern most point of the island. It is said that a Pokémon from Spirit Island once fell in love with one from Sun City on Sun Island, but its fellow Pokémon did not approve of the friendship, and so he hid her in a cave at here and left on his duties. However, when he came back to her, he found that the rising tide had gone into the cave and drowned her. Full of grief, he despaired and threw himself to his death from the rocky cliff to join her in the afterlife. It is said the spirits of these two Pokémon sill haunt this place.
Dying Love's Point
Island Spirit Island
Connecting Locations
Route 10
Dying Love's Point
Usable HM's
HM04 Soar
HM05 Resurrect
HM07 Descend
HM08 Ascend
HM09 Search
Other Art
Places of Interest
People of Interest
Image Where Morning Day Night
Trhoul Walking
Trevenge Walking
Lodama Walking
Jimoucust Walking

Spirit Island Locations
SpiritIsland Cities and Towns: Soul City
Routes: Route 10 * Route 11
Areas: Sheltered Sea * Shipwreck Beach * Spiritwood * Presence Basin * Haunted Lake * Ghoul Garden
Landmarks: Mana Gym * Lighthouse of Hope * Dying Love's Point * Pokémon Burial Ground

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