One of the rivals of Sunrise and Sunset. An exchange student from Johto, Dusk is very brash and insensitive. He is extremely homesick, but tries his best to hide it. He was originally going to live with Professor Crippsii Golden, but changes his mind and decides to embark on a Pokemon journey.

He desperately misses his Johto starter Pokemon, and is upset about the fact that Ko law doesn't allow Pokemon from other regions to be brought over. Professor Crippsii feels sorry for him and gives him one of her leftover two starter Pokemon.

Image Level Ability Moves Item
Rainamba 5 Torrent Tail Whip


Age 17
Gender Male
Eye Colour Orange
Hair Colour Purple
Hometown Olivine City
Region Johto
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer
Designed By drrr!
Other Art
  • Drrr!'s original design
  • 39670.png Overworld sprite at the Bottom Left

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