In the morning shadow of Mt. Cappuccino lies the Coffee Jungle. A path of shallow water snakes through the jungle. It is full of bugs and other creatures, waiting in the shallows.

In the southern depths of the Coffee Jungle is Kohvidu Gym.

Coffee Jungle
Island Coffee Island
Coffee JungleLoc
Connecting Locations
Route 1
Coffee Jungle Route 2
Usable HM's
HM01 Machete
HM03 Swing
HM09 Search
Other Art
  • The Queen N00b's rendition of the Coffee Jungle
Places of Interest
Kohvidu Gym The Normal Type Gym of the Knock-Out League.
People of Interest
Image Where Morning Day Night
Jalarva Tall Grass 42% 42% 42%
Scarabrew Tall Grass 15% 15% 15%
Primaleaf Tall Grass 42% 42% 42%
Chimpansy Tall Grass 1% 1% 1%
Tetreel Shallow Water 80% 80% 80%
Cafitreel Shallow Water 20% 20% 20%

Coffee Island Locations
CoffeeIsland Cities and Towns: Kona Port * Java Bay (Town) * Grande Valley (Town) * Latte City
Routes: Route 1 * Route 2 * Route 3 * Route 4 * Route 5
Areas: Coffee Jungle * Mt. Cappuccino * Cocoa Lava Forest * Macchiato Rainforest
Java Bay (Area) * Grande Valley (Area) * Espresso Caves * Mocha Hills * Frappe Fields * Pekoe Peak
Landmarks: Solarus Farm * Kohvidu Gym * Pocillo Gym * Knock-Out Express * Furosuto Ruins