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There are only five cloud berries available in Ko. If fed to a Pokemon, the cloud berry will max out their speed stat. While held, the cloud berry will bring the Pokemon's weight down to zero.

A cloud seed will appear after a Pokemon eats a cloud berry. Once five seeds are planted at a certain point in Ko (only reachable in the Sunrise Version), a cloud tree will grow.

Cloud trees are thousands of feet in height. (It is said that the Banyan tree in sun city is a Cloud Berry tree - although it doesn't bear fruit.) Climbing the cloud tree might lead you to a secret area!

Cloud Berry
Season  ???
Kind Key Item
Availability Extremely Rare
Designed By Ninjin-man
Other Art
  • A Cloud Berry Tree by Karitenokoinugami
  • A sprite of the Cloud Berry By Karitenokoinugami

   Orange   32x32px Ko Fruit 32x32px   Buoy Fruit   

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