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Calignus is the Fire Starter of the Ko Region. One of the three Pokémon given to new trainers by Professor Crippsii Golden.

Calignus is a small calf with a furry brown body and large red eyes. It has two red horns and a tuft of gray fur upon its head. Calignus also has gray legs and light tan hooves.

Its horns are reminiscent of chili peppers.

#004 Calignus
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Spicy Calf Pokémon
Type Fire
Abilities Blaze
Height 2'2"
Weight 84 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Mariah.
Other Art
  • Mariah.'s original design
  • Silhouettes of the starters by Karitenokoinugami
  • Art by Furball
  • Sprite By Junglebook
  • Art of KO Starters by Ninjin-Man
  • PMD Sprites of KO Starters by Junglebook
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Their thick woolly coat is very hot to touch, so they are not usually ridden by their trainers.
Sunset Once a year, a herd of Calignus will travel to the heart of the jungle where they were born to search for Engima berries; their favourites.
Moonrise Once a year, they will return to their birthplace to search for Enigma berries. If prevented, they will become extremely sad and lonely.
Locations Description
Solarus Farm, Grande Valley (Area) These outgoing Pokémon prefer hot tropical areas where there are plenty of Cheri berries. They are also kept on farms throughout the Ko Region.
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes

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