Legendary F/B   32x32px Ko Fruit 32x32px   Kucumred   

Produces: Butterberry

When surfing or fishing, Butterbow (normal) will be attracted to the scent of the berry.

  • Getting a Butterberry on your birthday will result in a slightly higher chance of obtaining a shiny

Butterbow Trees cannot grow under normal circumstances, they have to be near the shore and with a school of Butterbow's living nearby. The type of Butterbow's in the water determine's the type of tree that grows.

Somewhere in KO there is a cave-forest of Butterbow Trees.

Season All
Kind Hold (First member of your party must have a Butterberry held)
Availability Very Rare
Designed By Karitenokoinugami
Other Art

   Legendary F/B   32x32px Ko Fruit 32x32px   Kucumred   

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