The fifth and final area of the Safari Zone. This area is made up of an old, maze-like coliseum carved out of rock. Here you'll encounter dark, psychic, and fighting type Pokemon that accel in battle. You'll catch them the traditional way; through battling. However, you can only bring one of your Pokemon in to battle with you and you aren't allowed to use any items.
Battle Zone
Island Spore Island
Connecting Locations
Safari Zone Battle Zone
Usable HM's
HM08 Ascend
HM09 Search
Other Art
Places of Interest
People of Interest
Image Where Morning Day Night
Zerus Walking
Zeroph Walking
Ervofist Walking
Kranek Walking
Munkadi Walking
Stanuroh Walking
Omakat Walking
Tabunkick Walking

Spore Island Locations
SporeIsland Cities and Towns: Vitamin City * Iron Town * Safari Centre
Routes: Route 12 * Route 13 * Route 14 * Route 15
Areas: Safari Zone * Kokonuk Grove * Carbos Cave * Calcium Bay * Zinc Preserve * Rare Candy Beach * Sheltered Sea
Landmarks: Vitamin Needle * Ko Cooking School * Ko Candy Factory * Pua Gym

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