Arsleo Contest 1 Entries Kiarny   

A very kind Pokemon that is almost impossible to anger unless protecting its friends.
Original Art by Febreze
Species Legendary Golden Heart Pokémon
Type Grass
Abilities Natural Cure
Height 3.02 ft. (?)
Weight 60.0 lbs
Gender Ratio
Designed By Febreze
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Pokédex Entries
Locations Description
Design Notes
Entry Info
Entry Notes "My entry for Ninjin-Man's contest! Im basing it off kindness because Bulbakaki has always been the nicest place ive ever been on the internet.(and one of the most kind even out of the internet!) You guys always have something nice to say, even when I think I did a bad job on one of my pictures you guys always say nice things about it. The sweet comments always make me so happy to see!

Amai is sweet in japanese. I made it grass type because grass types are usually the more calm, nice types. The golden markings are for (haha, cheesy I know) a golden heart. Its based of a rabbit, bird and wolf (bunny ears, feet. Bird tail, Wolf/dog everything else) BTW The marking on his back area wasn't meant to look like anything really, it does kind of look like a star though." by -Febreze at Bulbagarden Oekaki.

Placing Participant

   Arsleo Contest 1 Entries Kiarny   

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